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To those who aren’t “fit enough” to try CrossFit

We are always having the same conversation with all those skeptical souls out there that
have never experienced CrossFit. There is still that common misconception that you have to be in shape, or you have to have some sort of expertise, or you have to be able to throw a barbell around with over 300 lbs on it to be able to “try CrossFit”.

Let’s clear the air. You don’t have to be hardcore, you don’t have to do paleo (we don’t), you don’t have to already be in shape and you don’t have to want to lift any amount of weight. The beauty of CrossFit is that is truly is for anyone and everyone. Is has proven to be a great means to better yourself, your health and your future. And our members here are everyday people, from all walks of life, that truly care about the people they come across. They are teachers, they are medical professionals, they are you friends, your neighbors and they just want a healthy version of themselves too. Everyone has a story. Everyone starts somewhere. We can help you start here.


We have trainers with have bachelor degrees, masters degrees and over 10 years combined experience in this field. This is our passion and we are capable of modifying all movements for all walks of life. We know it’s hard to trust the unknown. We believe in time you will learn to trust us as trainers and to trust the knowledge we have and believe that we really do want the best for you. But it all begins by trusting and believing in yourself. Believe you can do more than you think, with us to guide you, because in all reality if you could do it on your own you already would have. DSC01950

You don’t need to be training for the olympics, you don’t need to be wanting to compete in any competition, all we want is you wake up the next day better than the day before. For more beauty tips and advice on how to stay fit, be sure to check out more articles on
That’s all. We hope to see you soon.