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Are You A Cherry Picker?

Are you the athlete that sits at home the night before, gets antsy and fidgety or even sets an alarm on their phone for 5 pm when the WOD for the next day is posted, then after reading decides if they want to come to class or not? Do you cherry pick your WOD?s based on the movements for the next day?…..we should stop posting the WOD ;)??? Think about the kind of athlete you are (yes you are an athlete whether you lift a PVC pipe or 1,000 lbs consider yourself an athlete) Now, are you an athlete that comes 5-6x/week, 3-5x/week or 2x/week or less?

Ask yourself what you?re goals are. Why do you CrossFit? The community you have found, your weightloss goals, your strength or performance goals, is it something that gets you out of the house for at least an hour and helps you keep your sanity amongst chaos? Now with the goals you have, are your workout criteria meeting those goals? If your goal is weightloss, and you come 1x/week, is what you want and what you?re doing on the same page? Obviously not. Same can be said about strength or performance goals. If your current routine does not meet what your goals are, maybe it?s time to talk to a coach for help! We?re here to offer assistance any way we can and we have numerous resources to do so. Don?t be afraid, life happens, CrossFit is meant to prepare you for the physical tests you face in life, coaches will help you overcome the other obstacles you face in life. Take advantage of it!

Now for the breakdown. Go back to the kind of athlete you are, how many times/week do you get a workout in? If this is 2x/week or less, every single workout you should be going hard and heavy and getting as much out of this environment as you can. That?s it, no if?s and?s or but?s because you only get the coaches, other athletes, equipment and the competitive mindset and programming for 1-2x/week so you need to soak it all up!?

If you are the 3-5x/week athlete, choose 1 day as an ?active recovery? day. This is the day that you don?t take completely off, but you don?t lift any barbells either, still get a good workout in but on a lighter scale and mix it in with mobility. This is still done in the box, communicated to the coach beforehand saying ?Hey, this is my active recovery day, I?d like to get some good mobility and soft tissue work done as well as the METCON? and watch how well your body recovers and how much more mobile you get.

If you are the 5-6x/week athlete, three things are said for you. First, make sure you take one day in the box as a lighter day. Meaning if you are consistently someone who Rx?s the WOD?s, take a day in level 3 or so to make sure you don?t completely tear your body down and can?t recover. Second, make sure you have an active recovery day/mobility day as well. Don?t take mobility for granted! Doing a lift ?sort of well because something doesn?t quite move right? is not the right mind-set to have. Take advantage of the tools and resources around you, use an active recovery/mobility day and we bet you see better improvements on PR?s. And last make sure you take a day completely off. This doesn?t mean go for a ?light? 3-5 mile run (or more), a 20 mile bike ride, or a ?leisurely? hike, this means off, completely off. Rest for goodness sakes! Your body needs to recover. If it?s been a while since a PR, ask yourself if you take any days off, do you do the necessary mobility, if you can honestly and whole heartedly say yes to both and still no improvements then it?s time to talk to a coach 😉

Whatever kind of athlete you are, we?re glad you?re our athlete 🙂 Keep working hard, keep asking questions, keep getting educated and keep pushing yourself to find new limits.


As always?.Happy WOD-ing!