CrossFit Class

CrossFit Class

60 minutes high-intensity workouts that combine endless combinations of functional movements including weightlifting, cardio, gymnastic skills as well as mobility and flexibility work.  This class provides a well-rounded approach to fitness. Every day is different. 


*Foundations Course Required! 

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This is our prep course to get you ready for classes.  You will complete (6) 1-hour sessions with a coach that involves skill and movement development of the common exercises and lifts performed in classes.  We will discuss how to tackle workouts and scale accordingly as well as answer specific questions and set up goals for you to be successful.  

*Foundations course is required for all new members that do not have prior CrossFit experience. 

Benefit: Anyone can benefit from this course.  If you have less than 3 months of regular experience at another CrossFit affiliate then we recommend completing our course.  Required for those who have no prior experience.  

Cost: Foundations is $179 for 6 one-hour sessions.  Sessions are typically 1-3 people.  

Schedule: Once you purchase your Foundations course the Manager will contact you to set up a time to begin training.