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We’re Hiring!

Title: Athlete Performance Coach – Part Time


Job Description: Part-Time trainer would implement curriculum designed by the director as well as assist in creating training plans for our athletes. Lead effective training sessions for our youth baseball and softball teams as well as potential opportunity for athlete performance personal training and/or group classes.


Qualifications: Minimum 1-2 years experience working with youth athletes as well as adult fitness. We are looking for someone who is energetic, fun, organized, and comfortable working with large groups. Trainers should be able to think on their feet and pay close attention to detail. Experience in CrossFit group coaching is a bonus but not mandatory.


Preferred Certifications:

  • CrossFit L1 or higher, and/or CSCS
  • CPR/First Aid required


If interested submit your resume to Chris Thomas at


Top 5 Supplements For The CrossFit Open

What supplements should you take if you are doing the CrossFit Open? If you’re reading this we are going to make a couple of assumptions.

A.) You are a CrossFit athlete who is wanting to compete for a spot in the CrossFit Regionals line up… or at least plan to run through the CrossFit Open workouts like greased lightning so you can post up your score for bragging rights over your peers.

B.) You have a good handle on your diet. Your whole foods game is on point and the only missing link to you gaining that extra edge is a crafty supplement strategy. greens powder amazon contain high levels of vitamins and minerals associated with maintaining a healthy immune system. There may be many conflicting opinions on what constitutes a healthy diet, but there’s one thing that virtually every expert agrees on: You should eat more greens. I always buy amazon matcha green tea powder, I like to use it in the morning as a nutritional supplement, it contains a concentrated amount of antioxidants, which may reduce cell damage and prevent chronic disease.

If you fit either of those assumptions, this article is for you my friend! Here are our top five supplements recommendations to decrease your CrossFit Open times, increase your chances at a trip to regionals and bring some more separation between you and your trash talking friends.

1. Glycodrive:

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin or cluster dextrin is a designer carbohydrate and the single source carbohydrate found in GlycoDrive. This high molecular weight carbohydrate passes quickly through the stomach where it can be transported throughout the body for storage as glycogen. This fast burning, easily converted to energy, fuel is stored in your liver and skeletal muscle cells. High intensity CrossFit style workouts are fueled by glycogen. Having an adequate supply in the tank is vital to performing at your peak!

Our recommendation: Take 25 grams 20 min prior to your WOD with 12 ounces of water (For an added pick-me up consider adding either Pre-wod or Dysrupt). Immediately following your workout consume another 25-50 grams, this will make a huge difference for you leading into the next WOD.

2. Driven Whey:

The key to a top placing in the CrossFit Open is putting together several stellar performances. This could require more than one go at a good time for the posted workout, not to mention the WOD’s your doing on top of the open workout. Helping heal those broken down muscles between workouts is the keep to longevity. The fast acting proteins in Driven Whey send a rush of amino acids into the bloodstream where they can repair and rebuild your hard working muscle tissue, speeding recovery time between workouts.

Our recommendation: Take between 25-50 grams (depending on lean mass body weight) immediately after working out. If you are not getting enough protein through whole food meals throughout the day or are forced to miss a meal, keep some on hand so you can get a quick shake.

3. Creatine:

If you have been lifting weights without enjoying the benefits of Creatine now is the time to start! Easily the most studied performance enhancing supplement over the last two decades creatine can have you moving more weight, faster from day one. Without diving into the inner working of the Krebs Cycle, (sorry exercise science nerds) creatine or phosphophocreatine as it is stored in the body (enter exercise nerd smiles) donate a phosphate to inert ADP transforming it into the fast energy powerhouse ATP.

Why is this important? You know the feeling of sprinting and you suddenly can’t achieve maximum speed? When your doing a 3 rep max squat and can’t stand the third one up? THAT my friend is the rate your ATP storage and production is exceeded by your ATP usage. More creatine in your system and you might add 10 yards at a full sprint, or get that final rep on your max! To add further fuel to the fire (pun intended) creatine increases the size of the muscle cells allowing more nutrients to flood in and more recovery to take place!

Our recommendation: Creatine is beneficial before and after workouts. 15 min before workouts take 3-5 grams followed by 3-5 grams immediately post workout. *For best results take with a fast carb like GlycoDrive for better nutrient transport.

4. Driven Aminos:

Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine make up the three Branch Chain Amino Acids. These three are the major amino acids oxidized and broken down during ATP production. They help to convert fuel to energy by increasing the availability and rate of carbohydrate breakdown helping optimize performance. BCAA’s can reduce muscle damage or breakdown (catabolism) while working out. Leucine in particular has an anabolic (muscle growth) effect, signaling the body to build more skeletal muscle. They also promote immune health which can be weekend after prolonged or especially intense exercise. This could help you avoid getting a cold or worse the flu, a certain derailment for your open score. If you want to decrease your workout times, decreasing your recovery time is a good place to start.

Our recommendation: Driven Aminos can can be enjoyed anytime, especially between meals to bridge the gap between protein intake and preserve muscle mass. For performance benefits take one serving 5 min prior to your workout and if you have time, add them in your water bottle for an intra workout boost.

5. R&R:

We cannot overstate the importance of getting enough zzz’s at night. Not just clocking in for some downtime but ensuring that your are getting quality recovery sleep. While we can’t increase the hours you spend with the lights off, we can increase the quality and benefit you receive from it. Driven Nutrition R&R night time formula has a three step process to better recovery while you sleep.

One, natural sleep aids ensure a restful sleep where you can drift off to the deep stages of sleep where recovery can take full effect. In this deep REM sleep cognitive functioning is restored, growth hormone is secreted and protein synthesis is taking place.

Two, digestive enzymes and probiotics were added to aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients. With better nutrient partitioning your last meal or protein shake is put to better use as a muscle building and repairing agent. They promote a healthy digestive tract which is the single the most important area you can improve for better immune health. Three, natural hormone boosting ingredients help boost your bodies normal hormone output elevating an already anabolic state of rest and recovery.

Our recommendation: Take 2-3 capsules 30 minutes before you plan on going to bed. Allocate at least 7 hours of sleep time for best results and no drowsiness. Then wake up refreshed and ready for the next WOD!

There it is, our all-star lineup of supplements to get you through the CrossFit Open performing at your peak and finishing as strong as you started!

Good luck and let’s see those times!

2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

This year marked the first year of the new location for the CrossFit Games. I’ve always wanted to go to California but I was happy to see it come to the Midwest. I think it was a great move because it made it more convenient to travel to for a large chunk of the country as well as Canada. I did hear a lot of accents while I was there also, so the whole world was definitely represented. No matter what language you spoke or the culture you lived in everyone was united by fitness.


The CrossFit Games weekend is something I always look forward to but usually was consisted of watching from the couch. Which is always nice to spend a weekend watching people workout haha but the TV doesn’t do the atmosphere and energy of each event any justice. I didn’t see every event and didn’t get to see much of the teams but when we weren’t watching the individual events we were checking out the vendors and seeing all the cool products. Everything from clothing, supplements, mobility tools, recovery drinks, health food options, etc. Rogue and Reebok had their
own buildings of their apparel and equipment. When I walking in the door I knew I was in trouble, but had to have strong willpower not to go nuts and spend all my money. Which would have been very easy to do.


One of the other cool offerings that CrossFit provides are seminars with some of the top coaches and trainers in the country on various topics. All of which brought great information to better educate the CrossFit community as well as the coaches and owners to provide the best training and experience to their members. I am always  to learn new information or different methods of coaching. I definitely learned some things that’s for sure. I really enjoyed to seminar from legendary weightlifting Coach Mike Bergener, the Aerobic capacity talk from top games athlete Coach Chris Hinshaw on how to build a better engine, as well as movement prep and flexibility from Ray Regno of Movement Rx. I could have spent the whole weekend listening to the seminars.

As for the competition it is unbelievable what these athletes go through to be the fittest on earth. The amount of time and effort put in day in and day out comes to show on this weekend. Most people would have a hard time doing 1 ay of events let alone 4 and the athletes gave it there all until the very end. It was expected to see Mat Fraser win again, and I don’t think he is going to lose for a while, if ever. I do believe he is better than Rich Froning but would love to see Rich come back and see who is the true fittest on earth. I think we will see Brent Fikowski on the podium for a while also. The most excitement came from watching the women’s top 10 all weekend. If you missed them, makes sure you go back and watch. It was a much closer race than the men and was changing the whole weekend. It all came down to the last workout. The excitement in the Coliseum was amazing. Everyone on there feet going crazy helping these athletes give it all they had. I was happy to see Tia win and Kara and Annie take 2nd and 3rd. I’ve always been a fan of them so it was great to see them on the podium.

If you didn’t go this year, I strongly recommend you go next year. It was an awesome experience to b
e apart of and witness in person. Madison was a beautiful city and great place to host. Next year I’m sure will be better and I can’t wait to go back.   Sometime this year CrossFit will release another Fittest on Earth Documentary that document the whole weekend and includes interviews and candid moments with the athletes. CrossFit does an amazing job with the production of these documentaries. Check out the olds one’s on Netflix.


Until next year Madison!


Chris Thomas

Have You Set Your Goals For 2017?

The New Year is here! Have you sat down and written out your goals for the upcoming year? What do you want to achieve? Better health, wealth, or happiness? When it comes to writing goals majority of people focus on the things they don’t have or wish to achieve. Creating goals gives you something to work for everyday and stay focused on to achieve. Goal setting helps provide direction and purpose to your life. Although what people tend to not do in this process is to write down what they already have or what they have achieved. To create more and achieve more you must acknowledge what you already have. This goes for all aspects of life. Goals typically always focus on financial or professional growth but should in actuality start with relationships and health and fitness improvements.


In this article I am going to talk about setting health and fitness goals for yourself and how those will affect the other why-are-you-training1aspects of your life. We all know that being healthy and fit is very important, but for many it takes a back seat. Usually because people hyper focus on other areas of life or may simply lack the motivation or guidance to make the improvements in their health. Just like everything else you must write down your health and fitness goals. Why you ask? Because it is extremely easy to get off track or loose motivation for what you are working for if you really don’t know why you are doing it. I see this all the time in the fitness world. Below you find out how to do this and why!


How to Create Fitness Goals


  1. Determine your why? What is the reason or big picture for why you exercise?
    • Example: I want to be able to play with my kids or grandkids
    • Example: I want to live longer than my parents did.
    • Example: I want to compete and be the best athlete possible.
    • Example: I want to get off blood pressure or cholesterol medication, etc.
  2. Create short term goal(s) (3-6 months)
    • Create measurable goals
      • I want to workout 5 days per week
      • I want to loose 20lbs in 6 months
      • I want to run 1 mile without stopping
      • I want to add 10 lbs. to my back squat
  1. Create long term goal(s) (12+ months)
    • Create measurable goals
      • In 1 year I want to get back to my college weight
      • I want my blood work to be at normal levels
      • I want to do 1 body weight pull-up
      • I want to run a 5k race or compete in my first CrossFit competition.


  1. Keep Your Goals Visible
    • Place your goal list where you will see it daily so that it always makes you think about them. Very easy to lose site when we don’t consistently think about our goals
      • Place on refrigerator, bathroom mirror, cell phone, in your car


By understanding the purpose of what you are doing and working on smaller achievable goals will keep you on track and over time add up to achieving your biggest goals. The results of doing this will not only reward you physically but will affect the other areas of your life.


How Does Better Health and Fitness Affect the Rest of My Life?


  1. Exercise and proper nutrition will keep you healthy so that that you are able to be productive and have the energy at work to effect your professional life.
    • Also, a huge stress reliever and keeps your cognition sharp when at work..
  2. Reduces sickness, which will put a damper on any area of your life. (Workouts, productivity, socially)


  1. Improves confidence and self-esteem because of the new body you have worked so hard to get.
    • Feel good showing it off to your loved one or feel confident to talk to people.
    • Increased confidence in physically ability in the gym and daily life.20-motivational-quotes-whenquitting
    • Improves social aspect of life


  1. Energized to spend time with the kids and grandkids and be active to create new experiences.
    • Playing ball in the driveway or running a race


  1. Reduce health care costs and need for medications.
    • Healthcare is expensive and can cause extra stress
    • Get off medications for illness or health conditions that can be battled with exercise and nutrition.


The list could go on an on but I will leave you with these common ones. This will help you get in the right mindset to make 2017 better than last year. Sit down and think about your purpose and why. Write down your goals and get to work! CFC is here to help you achieve your fitness goals for 2017! Put your trust in us and contact us today! or at 618-346-4646 ext. 1


Happy New Year!


CrossFit Collinsville

What to Pack in Your Gym Bag to Enhance Your WOD Experience!

Not sure what to tell family or friends what to get you for Christmas? I have put together some ideas for you that are necessities to help you have a better WOD experience. Some people use more equipment or tools for their workouts than others and that’s based off personal preference but here are some essential items that are great for everyone! Rogue Fitness is a dangerous place if you enjoy some Internet shopping especially if you are an avid crossfitter.

6 Items to Have in Your Gym Bag!


  1. Shoes (obviously) – CrossFit has made it the norm to have multiple kinds of shoes for your workouts. By no means is this required but Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons are preferred. I have worn both after finding their reviews on the Shoe Hero website and each has their perks most people are either Reebok or Nike when it comes to the style and feel. These shoes are designed for CrossFit training because they feature a firm sole to lift in but also be light enough and confortable to do running, jumping, or climbing in. Weightlifting shoes – These have the heel lift on the back and help provide more support and stability in the feet when performing fast technical Olympic lifts. These are not necessary if you are a beginner but do help experience lifters hit those big lifts.
  1. Hand Guards – this could be as simple as keeping a roll of tape in your bag to put on your hands if there are lots of pull-ups or T2B in the WOD or your can purchase the gymnastic hand guards from Rogue or Natural Grips! If you have the tendency to tear a lot when doing a lot of bar work. It’s mostly because of grip strength and not having calluses built up. Ripping your hands is kind of a right of passage in crossfit! You are officially hardcore once you have done that haha! But realistically we don’t want anyone to rip because it can prevent you from getting on the bar for a while and also nobody want to shake or hold a ripped up blistered hands!
  1. Wrist Wraps – if you are new to weightlifting you have probably experienced wrist soreness from overhead pressing, cleans, OH Squatting, etc. A couple ways to reduce this is to work on mobility and positioning as well as getting the muscles and tendons in the wrists stronger. The main purpose is to provide more support in the wrists and take some stress off. I don’t always use them but definitely do if there is high volume of reps or if I’m a little sore. You can find wrist wraps for as cheap as $8 up to $30 depending on the brand you buy! Most people do fine with the 10-12” wrist w raps anything bigger is usually for power lifters or strongmen or if you have very large wrists.
  1. Tall Socks or Shin Guards – Always good to have them just in case rope climbs show up and you didn’t look at the rogue-fitness-the-fittest-gamesworkout ahead of time. I have used tall baseball socks and doubled them up to provide more padding. You can also find padded shin guards from brands such as RockTape that are made for rope climbs or box jumps!
  1. Shakers and Supplements – Pack a clean shaker or 2 to have for your pre and post workout supplementation. Rather then waiting until you get home you should have it ready to go so that it is easy access and you can take advantage of the metabolic window. You can also check out sarms for sale because it can definitely provide you the necessary boost in your workouts. This can be a whole other article on just supplementation! Stay tuned!
  1. Extra shirt or Towel – Always good to have an extra shirt to change into after a workout due to all the sweatiness that occurs from a crossfit workout! Use the workout shirt or towel to dry off the sweat before getting in your car and soak it into your seats. Especially with it getting cold out, it is best to have a dry shirt handy!