Kitten Foster Agreement

7. I will not adopt my pets until they are healthy and if the kittens weigh at least two pounds (about 8 weeks). Under no circumstances will I adopt a cat or kitten by Kitten Rescue until it is castrated or neutered. I understand that the purpose of this care relationship is to provide socialization and loving care to this cat and that I will be responsible for providing food and waste. I understand that without the prior permission of my sponsor, I am not allowed to purchase additional kittens/cats for care. CC4C is not responsible for medical expenses for unauthorized kittens/cats. a) Take precautions to have them cared for by another person who is not yet mastic rescue foster until they are housed in a permanent home, or thank you for opening your heart to care for the cats. Without your love and care, these animals would have no future. I volunteer to care for kittens/cats for Community Concern for Cats (CC4C). 12. If I am no longer able to care for my cat, I will be either: I agree that CC4C is not liable to me and/or my children for any injuries, damages, losses and/or medical expenses I have incurred for CC4C, a family member or a visitor to my home. 3. I have disclosed all relevant information regarding the cat/cat that may impact its adoption, including, but not limited to, behavioral issues, existing medical issues, socialization issues, or cat toilet issues.

Caregivers, like our regular nurses, must fix (castrate/castrate) their cats, test for cat leukemia (FeLV) and IVF, vaccinate, deworm, treat fleas and have them microchipped before adopting. We can provide all necessary vaccines, deworming medications, and flea treatments for free, but you are responsible for repair and testing, although we can help by referring you to inexpensive clinics or clinics that offer a discount for this program. 13. If, in the future, my kittens/cats are abandoned by their adopted child, I agree to reinstate them in the care until they are put back in place. 2. I understand that Kitten Rescue may terminate this agreement for non-compliance with any provision or other Kitten Rescue directive or other kitten Rescue procedure, at which time clause 12(b) comes into effect.