Stamp Duty On Agreement In Uttarakhand

“FORM OF CONTRACT OF CRUDE RESIN Lot No. 7 to 10/2001 Value of the Deed Rs. 3.90,000.00 (Rupees Three Lakh, Ninety Thousand only) This 24 March 2001 did so between the governor of Uttaranchal (hereafter referred to as a “seller” of a party) and SKhhriurana Brothers, Rishikeshs (hereafter referred to as “buyer”, who is its executor, The seller, according to the payment terms that the buyer is required to make below, at the rate of 1,950.00 (1) rupee only nine hundred and fifty) per quintal calculated by naked quintals (without container) and furthermore, the buyer must pay VAT on the total selling value of the resin 79% or the rate of the selling period under the following conditions: (A) About 1160 (One Thousand One Hundred Sixty) Doses 200 (two cents) of raw resin (net weight) are delivered in the Sultan Nagri resin depot. The quantity can increase or decrease by 10%, and the buyer must accept the quantity provided by the seller. The weight of the resin will be the same as in the books the seller has been recorded. The seller reserves the right to reject the buyer`s claim on the balance at the time of delivery. (B) The resin sold remains from the date of acceptance of its offer at the buyer`s risk and the seller is not liable for any losses and damages that may result. (C) All resin must be removed by the buyer within 60 days of the sale`s authorization. It is removed in no more than 60 installments as follows: 1.In the days of approval of the sale. 2.In the days of approval of the sale. 3.In the days of approval of the sale. 4.In the days of approval of the sale. The buyer can withdraw Harz only with the written permission of the Divisional Forest Officer, Nainital Forest Division, Nainital and against payment is the full tax on resin fees and sales.

The seller assumes no responsibility for the quality of the resin contained in the boxes and will not give resin in exchange. 2. The amount of the sale price of the lot, calculated on the basis of a double shot at the time of the auction, must be paid by the buyer, whether or not he removes the material. 3. Any resin or tin left at the depot after the last date of lifting is sued and seized by the government and refunded to the buyer in place of this resin or box. 4. No raw resin is accepted by the purchaser of the resin deposit in accordance with clause i, on such routes and on chaukies which can be decided and registered in writing by the Forestry Office. Resin cans can be counted and weighed at any time by any forest agent during transport. 5.

The purchaser must give the forest officer the names of all agents and agents he proposes to provide in writing before they are hired and the forestry official is free to prohibit the employment of persons he deems undesirable. 6. The buyer must not remove the resin cans from the Sultan Nagri depot. 7. In the event of a violation of any of the conditions of this intrusion by the buyer or by agents or servants, the M/s.