Service Level Agreement For Website Maintenance

SO Inspired provides routine support and maintenance for the use and placement of text and graphic content for SO Inspired Client`s websites. If so, SO Inspired can obtain support from the customer`s web hosting provider on its behalf by entering a support ticket. All service cancellations require a 48-hour notification. If you cancel or downgrade your website maintenance plan before your annual contract expires, you will be charged three months of support minus the difference in the hours used. If we do not meet a level of “Our Service,” this is our method of compensating you. Please note that the initiation of any type of support request is automatically charged on the hours of your site maintenance plan, based on your service level contract. If you need overtime through your ALS, Kosmos will try to inform you in our helpline. Each request for assistance can be billed in half-hour stages. If you don`t have a site maintenance plan, we`ll still check your ticket to see if we need to continue without a planned payment. The OMG support team helps you use and place text and graphic content for OMG customer websites. The OMG data center also provides support for clean or leased hardware in the data center and for web hosting software applications, including, but not limited, to WHM/Cpanel. If so, OMG can receive support from Data Center Support Services on your behalf by entering an assistance ticket.

The Account Manager, OMG Support Senior Manager and Executive Management approve this document. This document is then published along with other service level agreements on the support omg site. Kosmos Central rejects all other explicit or unspoken guarantees, including, but not limited to tacit guarantees of accessibility and adequacy to a specific purpose, with regard to the services provided. In the unlikely event that the site is compromised or attacked, Krome will recover the site within 1 working day after one of the last 30 days after the backup. The client must ask Krome in writing by email. Web Maintenance believes in its service, which is why we can secure it with a fully equipped service level contract. READ MORE on monthly plans Customers have the option to increase monthly hours in their site maintenance plan based on what we decide to be your average hours per month. Added new content (text, images, Banners) Improved text and image News, offers and sensor ads Seasonal updates Content Updates Work with an expert in designing font changes and seasonal colors Create promotions, coupons or discounts Associate social media to your store Adding new pages to your Maintenance website cannot be used for: Projects that require extra time that are not covered by hours in your monthly maintenance plan. If you have z.B a project estimated at six hours and only have two hours left in your site`s maintenance plan, you can only use two hours.