Software Partnership Agreement

13.4 Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose and replaces all previous or concomitant agreements on this purpose. 1.14 “User agreements” refer to the ECJ as well as Hootsuite`s privacy policy, anti-spam policy and other acceptable use policy, content restrictions, user agreements and other terms of use of services that are generally transmitted to the solution partner via or by Hootsuite. 1.4 “confidential information,” any non-public information of the public party (the “Discloser”) in any oral, recorded, written or other form, including, but not limited, to the existence and content of discussions between the parties and to this agreement; Trade secrets, examples of communication, pricing, inventions and confidential knowledge; Information about the discloser or related company Customer information Customer data Solution Partner`s price reissues customers for services; Identifiable personal information information about the activities, processes, processes, technologies, customers, potential customers or suppliers of the Discloser or its associated companies (including, but not limited, customer registrations and lists of customers or suppliers); Software, documentation or data of the discloser or its related companies; where “confidential information” cannot contain information that the recipient party (the “recipient”) can justify: (i) was already in the recipient`s possession at the time of disclosure by the discloser; (ii) became available to the public without inappropriate act or omission by the recipient; (iii) was disclosed to the recipient by a third party who legally held this information and had no legal obligation to respect the confidentiality of that information; or (iv) was developed independently of the recipient, without access or use of confidential information. In order to avoid any doubt, each contracting party in this agreement is recipient and independent. 13.10 Independent contractors. Partner Solutions and Hootsuite are independent contractors and nothing in this agreement can create a partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, commercial or employment relationship between Solution Partner and Hootsuite. Each party understands that it does not have the power to make or accept offers or to do so on behalf of others. Neither party can make a statement that contradicts anything in this section. 1.7 “EULA” refers to the hootsuite end-user license agreement or the general terms of access and use of the Services by customers who are maintained and updated by Hootsuite from time to time. A copy of the current version of the CLUE on the effective date is attached to the “C Calendar.” 3.2 M.