Shared Agreement In Counselling

Agreement: The client is an accepted part of this draft/contract/common agreement and may indicate certain requirements and preferences regarding how the relationship and meetings work. They are treated with the utmost respect and we ask that respect be reciprocal within our professional relationship. We ask you to respect yourself, others and the property while you participate in the consultation. If the abuse of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs is something you are confronted with, please remember that the use of these substances can have an impact on the effectiveness of the advice, and we advise you to discuss it with your advisor. All of the conditions set out in this contract apply to personal, online and telephone advice. Exceptions are that online sessions can vary from time to time to allow installation time and to solve problems encountered. and we ask you for a prepayment (at least 24 hours before) for online and phone calls. Outside the UK, LPG counselling does not offer psychotherapy. The service provided is classified as advice and/or life coaching. Any client who lives in another country that is not owned by the UK and is proposed by LPG Counselling agrees that the work done complies with UK law and is subject to all disputes. Unfortunately, there may still be a risk of transmission of the virus, which is why we ask you to look very carefully at the risks before you decide to start consulting personally.

If possible, we recommend that you do counselling interviews either via our phone or online terms and conditions to ensure your protection against the virus. ConfidentialityEverything discussed during your interviews will be strictly confidential. However, confidentiality cannot be promised if there is a risk of harming another person. If you provide another member of the public with information that indicates a serious danger to health or life, your advisor may legally be required to report it to the person or authorities in order to protect them from harm.