Business Development Consulting Agreement

1.3 Confidentiality. In order to enable consultants to provide consulting services, it may be necessary for the company to provide the advisor with confidential information (as defined below) about the company`s business and products. The company will rely heavily on Consultant`s integrity and prudent judgment to use this information only in the best interests of the company. For an explanation of this agreement, please see the overview of the Files in the Consulting Agreements File. A commercial development contract is a two-party contract in which one party undertakes to provide development and consulting services to the other party or the party close to the client. In such an agreement, the service provider requires that certain conditions be clearly defined in order to avoid future disputes. This means that the company or customer must explain conditions such as the scope or description of expected services, terms of payment, dispute resolution and mediation, liability limitations, termination clauses, schedule and expenses, etc. This document is essential to protect the rights of treaty parties. 1.6 Reports. The advisor periodically provides the company with written reports on his observations and conclusions regarding consulting services. At the end of this agreement, the advisor establishes, at the company`s request, a final report on the advisor`s activities. 9.7 Successors and endowments. This agreement cannot be ceded by either party without the prior written consent of the other party; provided, however, that the agreement can be transferred by the company without the advisor`s consent if the business is acquired by another company or entity or merged into another company or entity.

The benefits and obligations of this agreement are binding and binding on the parties, their successors and the beneficiaries of the transfer. As noted above, the agreement contains provisions for which the main factor is the precise description of the service or extent of the work. This means the various business development services expected by the consultant. The next factor is the prevention of the disclosure of technology or business secrets. The client requires that the advisor should not disclose certain confidential information and avoid exchanges with other clients in order to avoid having an impact on the action and activity in the future. Therefore, the agreement is something you must have if you own a business. Although it is a piece of paper, it will provide the best results for your business. This contract allows the company and the advisor to avoid many difficulties if one of the parties violates the agreement (2), since it can be treated legally as evidence by the agreement.