Alberta Government Performance Agreement

The Government of Alberta supports the need for each department to continuously assess the performance of the organization and staff to support the realization of business and government visions and business plans. The Assistant Directors will implement and maintain a performance excellence program for the department that will ensure that the current master contract with physicians expires on March 31. At the beginning of the year, Nicolaides delayed the funding change by a few months and then postponed the launch date to July 1. It does not have a new deadline for funding agreements. On June 29, 2020, the Alberta government released the “Alberta Recovery Plan” (the “recovery plan”), which details the government`s plan to address the economic challenges facing the province as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and falling oil prices. The stimulus package includes assistance to small and medium-sized businesses, tax cuts, increased investment opportunities in Alberta and employment law reforms. To help businesses understand the resources they have under the economic recovery plan, we have prepared this vast resource that brings together the various initiatives being considered by the Alberta government. “Even if we don`t agree on the model itself, I think we can all agree that universities now need stability,” he said. “We can allay long-term concerns about the performance-based funding model in their future, but for now we are concerned about the immediate crisis in universities, and the minister`s decision will ease universities next year.” The association, the negotiating partner for doctors, has accepted some cost-effective changes, she said, and will make another offer to the government on Friday. Alberta`s 26 post-secondary institutions were still working with the government on “investment management agreements” that set targets for each school. The Alberta government, which has restarted failed contract negotiations with doctors, is ending its long-standing master`s agreement with them and is setting new rules in the spring. The organization also asks schools to limit the increase in education in order to cover the costs of inflation for the coming school year alone.

From next year, higher education institutions will be able to charge an average of up to 7% more tuition fees. Barker said the government should delay the new cap by a year. “We are still working on the details of the Minister`s recent decision on investment management agreements, but any decision to increase financial flexibility during the pandemic is a positive development,” spokesman Bryan Alary said in the statement.