How Do You Say Draft Agreement In French

Employers want an agreement that allows companies to fine-tune their wage burden in the event of a recession, as well as simplify worker redundancy rules to make the process more predictable and contain costs. The draft withdrawal agreement covers so-called divorce issues as the UK prepares to leave the EU. It includes a “financial settlement” from the United Kingdom, estimated at about $39 billion (45 billion euros; $50 billion). The government says it will implement its own agreement if the two sides fail to reach an agreement. But laws without the support of unions and employers could expose them to criticism. Unions could influence left-wing MPs to water down the deal. German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the draft agreement on Thursday and said: “I am very happy that after long and not always easy negotiations, a proposal has been made.” A sign was given on Thursday morning when Mr Barnier`s British counterpart, Brexit minister Dominic Raab, resigned, saying he could not support the deal in “good conscience.” He was one of four ministers who stopped. Barnier spoke alongside Council President Donald Tusk on Thursday morning when the chief negotiator formally handed over the 585-page draft of the withdrawal agreement. Poor translations lead to a loss of precise language. In many cases, a solo or small lawyer tries to save costs for the client by using a non-lawyer to translate contracts. There are stories of people using secretaries to translate contracts (“She speaks Spanish, no matter what dialect”) or use computer programs. Even obtaining flat-rate translations of translation services can be problematic if they do not explain the range of potential translations that could result from a given legal formulation.

A translator may be required to choose between three, five, ten or zero words in a foreign language for a particular legal term that the lawyer originally described in a legal contract. A translator who is not a lawyer cannot fully understand the goods or services described, the terms of custom use and use in the industry used or the importance of accuracy in that description. Unless they are taken into account in translation and the legal implications of word decisions are understood, the effects of the lawyer`s carefully crafted contractual language can be totally lost when translating into a second language. “Right now, we have to be pessimistic,” Stephane Lardy, negotiator for the Workers` Force (FO) union, told Reuters news agency. “It is clear that the last project that the employers have proposed to us is very, very far from an agreement.” Tusk praised Barnier`s work and said the agreement had “protected the interests of the 27 Member States and the EU as a whole.” If the agreement is approved by both sides, a transitional period of 21 months will begin, during which a trade agreement and the delicate issue of the absence of a physical border between Northern Ireland – part of the United Kingdom – and the Republic of Ireland must be drawn up.