Access Agreement University

In setting the penalty amount, the Director took into account the active approach taken by the new university college management to highlight the violation of the Student Office in May 2018, as well as the measures agreed by the Board of Governors of the University College in August 2018 in response to the independent review of spending on access agreements. The actions outline, among other things, how the College intends to resolve issues such as governance, which may have had the effect of not complying with the provisions of its plans and, in particular, of not allocating the resources allocated to the access objective. Any institution wishing to calculate more than the base rate must submit an access and participation plan to the Office for Students (OfS). An approved access and participation plan is also a prerequisite for registration with the OfS for certain categories of suppliers. An access and participation plan includes the costs of a university or higher education institution and the access measures it intends to put in place to help students, such as. B advertising and financial support. This was particularly true in light of the university`s specific assurances of previous offences, that it “checked the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 access agreements and found no anomalies in the fees specified in the access agreement and charged either in 2016-17 and 2017-18 or 2018-19.” The Fair Access Office (FFO) found the violation in 2016-17 by monitoring access agreements. The access and participation plan that is applicable to you is based on the academic year in which you started your current studies with us. However, until 2019/20, access and participation plans have been developed each year, with the university approving a five-year plan for students from 2020/21 to 2024/25 due to the ambition and commitment displayed in our most recent submission. From 2020 to 21, the plans will last no more than five years. The plan covers the cohorts of students that the claimant will register within five years of the start date of the plan.

Access agreements approved by the Director of Fair Access for academic years up to 2018-19 included, as well as access and participation plans for 2019-20, remain in effect for students covered by these agreements. You`ll find all the access and participation plans below. The Director decided that a financial need of 66,000 $devrait be retained from the University`s scholarship in 2018-19. In March 2018, OFFA informed the university that it had exceeded the maximum fee allowed for a franchise course at Pen Green College in 2016-17. Do not comply with the provisions of the supplier`s access agreements. The fee is higher than the amount allowed by the university`s access contract. Students are subject to the most recent access and participation plan or access agreement in force at the time of their studies. This agreement will cover it throughout its studies, even if the university introduces new access and participation plans in the following years. Prior to the creation of the Student Office, the access system to higher education was under the jurisdiction of the Fair Access Office (FFO).

Writtle University College informed the Student Office in May 2018 of non-compliance with the provisions of its access agreements for the period 2012-13 to 2017-18. On the basis of the evidence provided, the Director of Fair Access and Participation (hereafter the Director) found that the university had seriously violated its access agreement for three consecutive years of gross negligence and had done nothing to prevent further offences and/or that it had found and remedied previous offences after suggesting it.