2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

This year marked the first year of the new location for the CrossFit Games. I’ve always wanted to go to California but I was happy to see it come to the Midwest. I think it was a great move because it made it more convenient to travel to for a large chunk of the country as well as Canada. I did hear a lot of accents while I was there also, so the whole world was definitely represented. No matter what language you spoke or the culture you lived in everyone was united by fitness.


The CrossFit Games weekend is something I always look forward to but usually was consisted of watching from the couch. Which is always nice to spend a weekend watching people workout haha but the TV doesn’t do the atmosphere and energy of each event any justice. I didn’t see every event and didn’t get to see much of the teams but when we weren’t watching the individual events we were checking out the vendors and seeing all the cool products. Everything from clothing, supplements, mobility tools, recovery drinks, health food options, etc. Rogue and Reebok had their
own buildings of their apparel and equipment. When I walking in the door I knew I was in trouble, but had to have strong willpower not to go nuts and spend all my money. Which would have been very easy to do.


One of the other cool offerings that CrossFit provides are seminars with some of the top coaches and trainers in the country on various topics. All of which brought great information to better educate the CrossFit community as well as the coaches and owners to provide the best training and experience to their members. I am always  to learn new information or different methods of coaching. I definitely learned some things that’s for sure. I really enjoyed to seminar from legendary weightlifting Coach Mike Bergener, the Aerobic capacity talk from top games athlete Coach Chris Hinshaw on how to build a better engine, as well as movement prep and flexibility from Ray Regno of Movement Rx. I could have spent the whole weekend listening to the seminars.

As for the competition it is unbelievable what these athletes go through to be the fittest on earth. The amount of time and effort put in day in and day out comes to show on this weekend. Most people would have a hard time doing 1 ay of events let alone 4 and the athletes gave it there all until the very end. It was expected to see Mat Fraser win again, and I don’t think he is going to lose for a while, if ever. I do believe he is better than Rich Froning but would love to see Rich come back and see who is the true fittest on earth. I think we will see Brent Fikowski on the podium for a while also. The most excitement came from watching the women’s top 10 all weekend. If you missed them, makes sure you go back and watch. It was a much closer race than the men and was changing the whole weekend. It all came down to the last workout. The excitement in the Coliseum was amazing. Everyone on there feet going crazy helping these athletes give it all they had. I was happy to see Tia win and Kara and Annie take 2nd and 3rd. I’ve always been a fan of them so it was great to see them on the podium.

If you didn’t go this year, I strongly recommend you go next year. It was an awesome experience to b
e apart of and witness in person. Madison was a beautiful city and great place to host. Next year I’m sure will be better and I can’t wait to go back.   Sometime this year CrossFit will release another Fittest on Earth Documentary that document the whole weekend and includes interviews and candid moments with the athletes. CrossFit does an amazing job with the production of these documentaries. Check out the olds one’s on Netflix.


Until next year Madison!


Chris Thomas

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