Have You Set Your Goals For 2017?

The New Year is here! Have you sat down and written out your goals for the upcoming year? What do you want to achieve? Better health, wealth, or happiness? When it comes to writing goals majority of people focus on the things they don’t have or wish to achieve. Creating goals gives you something to work for everyday and stay focused on to achieve. Goal setting helps provide direction and purpose to your life. Although what people tend to not do in this process is to write down what they already have or what they have achieved. To create more and achieve more you must acknowledge what you already have. This goes for all aspects of life. Goals typically always focus on financial or professional growth but should in actuality start with relationships and health and fitness improvements.


In this article I am going to talk about setting health and fitness goals for yourself and how those will affect the other why-are-you-training1aspects of your life. We all know that being healthy and fit is very important, but for many it takes a back seat. Usually because people hyper focus on other areas of life or may simply lack the motivation or guidance to make the improvements in their health. Just like everything else you must write down your health and fitness goals. Why you ask? Because it is extremely easy to get off track or loose motivation for what you are working for if you really don’t know why you are doing it. I see this all the time in the fitness world. Below you find out how to do this and why!


How to Create Fitness Goals


  1. Determine your why? What is the reason or big picture for why you exercise?
    • Example: I want to be able to play with my kids or grandkids
    • Example: I want to live longer than my parents did.
    • Example: I want to compete and be the best athlete possible.
    • Example: I want to get off blood pressure or cholesterol medication, etc.
  2. Create short term goal(s) (3-6 months)
    • Create measurable goals
      • I want to workout 5 days per week
      • I want to loose 20lbs in 6 months
      • I want to run 1 mile without stopping
      • I want to add 10 lbs. to my back squat
  1. Create long term goal(s) (12+ months)
    • Create measurable goals
      • In 1 year I want to get back to my college weight
      • I want my blood work to be at normal levels
      • I want to do 1 body weight pull-up
      • I want to run a 5k race or compete in my first CrossFit competition.


  1. Keep Your Goals Visible
    • Place your goal list where you will see it daily so that it always makes you think about them. Very easy to lose site when we don’t consistently think about our goals
      • Place on refrigerator, bathroom mirror, cell phone, in your car


By understanding the purpose of what you are doing and working on smaller achievable goals will keep you on track and over time add up to achieving your biggest goals. The results of doing this will not only reward you physically but will affect the other areas of your life.


How Does Better Health and Fitness Affect the Rest of My Life?


  1. Exercise and proper nutrition will keep you healthy so that that you are able to be productive and have the energy at work to effect your professional life.
    • Also, a huge stress reliever and keeps your cognition sharp when at work..
  2. Reduces sickness, which will put a damper on any area of your life. (Workouts, productivity, socially)


  1. Improves confidence and self-esteem because of the new body you have worked so hard to get.
    • Feel good showing it off to your loved one or feel confident to talk to people.
    • Increased confidence in physically ability in the gym and daily life.20-motivational-quotes-whenquitting
    • Improves social aspect of life


  1. Energized to spend time with the kids and grandkids and be active to create new experiences.
    • Playing ball in the driveway or running a race


  1. Reduce health care costs and need for medications.
    • Healthcare is expensive and can cause extra stress
    • Get off medications for illness or health conditions that can be battled with exercise and nutrition.


The list could go on an on but I will leave you with these common ones. This will help you get in the right mindset to make 2017 better than last year. Sit down and think about your purpose and why. Write down your goals and get to work! CFC is here to help you achieve your fitness goals for 2017! Put your trust in us and contact us today! www.crossfitcollinsville.com or at 618-346-4646 ext. 1


Happy New Year!


CrossFit Collinsville

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