What to Pack in Your Gym Bag to Enhance Your WOD Experience!

Not sure what to tell family or friends what to get you for Christmas? I have put together some ideas for you that are necessities to help you have a better WOD experience. Some people use more equipment or tools for their workouts than others and that’s based off personal preference but here are some essential items that are great for everyone! Rogue Fitness is a dangerous place if you enjoy some Internet shopping especially if you are an avid crossfitter.

6 Items to Have in Your Gym Bag!


  1. Shoes (obviously) – CrossFit has made it the norm to have multiple kinds of shoes for your workouts. By no means is this required but Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons are preferred. I have worn both after finding their reviews on the Shoe Hero website and each has their perks most people are either Reebok or Nike when it comes to the style and feel. These shoes are designed for CrossFit training because they feature a firm sole to lift in but also be light enough and confortable to do running, jumping, or climbing in. Weightlifting shoes – These have the heel lift on the back and help provide more support and stability in the feet when performing fast technical Olympic lifts. These are not necessary if you are a beginner but do help experience lifters hit those big lifts.
  1. Hand Guards – this could be as simple as keeping a roll of tape in your bag to put on your hands if there are lots of pull-ups or T2B in the WOD or your can purchase the gymnastic hand guards from Rogue or Natural Grips! If you have the tendency to tear a lot when doing a lot of bar work. It’s mostly because of grip strength and not having calluses built up. Ripping your hands is kind of a right of passage in crossfit! You are officially hardcore once you have done that haha! But realistically we don’t want anyone to rip because it can prevent you from getting on the bar for a while and also nobody want to shake or hold a ripped up blistered hands!
  1. Wrist Wraps – if you are new to weightlifting you have probably experienced wrist soreness from overhead pressing, cleans, OH Squatting, etc. A couple ways to reduce this is to work on mobility and positioning as well as getting the muscles and tendons in the wrists stronger. The main purpose is to provide more support in the wrists and take some stress off. I don’t always use them but definitely do if there is high volume of reps or if I’m a little sore. You can find wrist wraps for as cheap as $8 up to $30 depending on the brand you buy! Most people do fine with the 10-12” wrist w raps anything bigger is usually for power lifters or strongmen or if you have very large wrists.
  1. Tall Socks or Shin Guards – Always good to have them just in case rope climbs show up and you didn’t look at the rogue-fitness-the-fittest-gamesworkout ahead of time. I have used tall baseball socks and doubled them up to provide more padding. You can also find padded shin guards from brands such as RockTape that are made for rope climbs or box jumps!
  1. Shakers and Supplements – Pack a clean shaker or 2 to have for your pre and post workout supplementation. Rather then waiting until you get home you should have it ready to go so that it is easy access and you can take advantage of the metabolic window. You can also check out sarms for sale because it can definitely provide you the necessary boost in your workouts. This can be a whole other article on just supplementation! Stay tuned!
  1. Extra shirt or Towel – Always good to have an extra shirt to change into after a workout due to all the sweatiness that occurs from a crossfit workout! Use the workout shirt or towel to dry off the sweat before getting in your car and soak it into your seats. Especially with it getting cold out, it is best to have a dry shirt handy!


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