Thinking About Trying CrossFit? Here’s Why You Should!


Have you been talking about trying CrossFit but never took the next step? You might think you need to get into shape before you can do CrossFit.  Maybe your perception of it is what you have seen on T.V. or the Internet.  All of which are normal thoughts and feelings.  The truth is you don’t have to be in shape to start and what you have seen on TV is not what you are going to see when you walk into our gym.  You will see moms and dads, working adults, as well as sport athletes.  We provide a fitness outlet for all aspects.


Yes we follow traditional CrossFit training methods but do not hyper focus on making everyone one a weekend competitor.  We are not the gym that has to compete in every competition. We are the gym that works hard in and outside of the gym to be the best versions of ourselves.   We are here to help you make a positive change in your life and be an outlet you can look forward to everyday.


What to expect when joining Foundations:

  • You will realize that this isn’t your normal fitness routine or what you have done in the past.
  • You will learn a lot of new words and language around fitness and CrossFit.
  • You will learn what quality movement looks and feels like.
  • You will be challenged both physically and mentally.
  • You will learn movements that you never thought you would do.
  • But most of all you will realize that this is what you have been looking for to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!


At CrossFit Collinsville we provide a safe and professional experience with some awesome people! We pride ourselves in making fitness fun and effective at the same time!  Stop trying to talk yourself out if and invest in yourself!  Sign up today, you wont regret it!



CrossFit Collinsville


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