FTME 2015 Wrap Up


“Classy Effort”


As a coach at CrossFit Collinsville, I continue to see and experience the amazing culture that has been created at CFC. The members are always so welcoming to each other, there is always a family like enviornment at events and competitions, and when there is a job to be done, our athletes step up to the challenge with the right attitude about the task at hand. I think of this culture as a ?classy effort.? And again, our CFC athletes put that classy effort on display at the Fittest Team in the Metro East competition this weekend.

The athletes competing were the epitome of what we preach at our gym daily. They put forth every ounce of effort they had in them, they did it with class, they weren?t showing off, they put their heads down and went to work. They had some moments that challenged their integrity and I believe they rose to the challenge.2

Our athletes show up and mean business, but they don?t come out cocky and think they are better than everyone. We are grateful to be invited to community events and put forth our best effort possible every second on the floor. Our athletes showed integrity, determination, teamwork and an overall fun that we believe CrossFit should be. There were many PR?s hit and good form kept. Between EMO?s forehead hit with the barbell, Branch falling over the box, or Brian trying to get away 3with smoking his candy cigar during the last WOD, I?d say they had a lot of fun, gave it their all, and were incredibly happy with the outcomes. The classy effort was again noticed by many throughout the weekend.

Our spectators were great this weekend as well. Our members came out to support and cheer on the athletes, which gives you more energy than you think it does. Our members, whether c4ompeting or not, showed class in every aspect, which always makes us proud to wear the CFC on our chest. We were always cheering and supporting, never with a snide remark.

I think I speak for everyone when I say CFC had an amazing weekend and we can?t wait for many more to come! Thank you to all who came out with your families and friends, hope you enjoyed the experience! Thank you to the athletes who competed, we enjoy watching you every single day and all of the hard work and effort you put forth!

Here?s to a solid weekend, injury free, and many more to come?

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