Small Group Personal Training 

  • Groups of 1-3 individuals (Available to Adults and Youth)
    • May be grouped with others who have similar training goals for better training environment. 
  • Sessions tailored to goals of person or group. 
  • Areas of focus include strength and conditioning, speed and agility development, genera health and fitness.
  • Available training days:
    • Monday - Thursday by appointment 
      • 8 Sessions = $280
      • 16 Sessions = $480 
      • Available for purchase until May 31st, 2018
Speed Agility Pic

Team Performance Training 

Train as a team to develop success on the field or court as an entire unit. Athletes will work to increase athleticism and overall strength to be able to perform well during competition.  Performance training raises the athletic umbrella and allows for better improvement in skills specific to the given sport. 

  • Sport specific athletic development tailored to athletic level.
  • Focus on speed & agility / strength & conditioning / mobility & recovery
  • 60 min sessions led by a professional coach
    • 4 Sessions = $340
    • 8 Sessions = $600
    • Must be used by August 31st 
  • Contact us today to schedule!