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  • Manager, Mobility Specialist, Running Mechanics/Explosive Speed Specialist, Coach, Personal Training Specialist
  • Holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology which he earned @ SIUE.
  • While working towards his Master's Degree @ SIUE, Chris worked hand in hand with SIUE's Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Meade Smith.
  • During his time under Meade Smith he assisted in training SIUE's Division I Athletes for all sports.
  • Holds a Level 1 CrossFit Course Certification.
  • Is originally from Centralia, IL and currently resides in Edwardsville, IL.

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Why I love what I do:

  • I get to help young athletes Adults through CrossFit Collinsville reach their athletic and fitness potential. I find great pride in being able to have an impact on people's lives by being a great coach and role model.
  • I work in such a positive environment that is very motivating for me as a Coach & as a CrossFit Athlete.
  • How many people get to wear athletic apparel to work everyday!
Words I live by:

"Before I started CrossFit I was a little hesitant like a lot of people are at first. I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to try. I was interested but was so used to doing my own routine and wasn't sure if I wanted to change. But change is exactly what I needed! The first couple of times I did CrossFit I was hooked. I had never been through workouts like this where I got more work done in 10 minutes than I did in 45 on my old routine. I was also a former college athlete who loved to compete and once I stopped playing I had to find that in something else and I found it in CrossFit. Don?t be afraid to try something new, you might like it!"

- Chris Thomas