Laura Knutson

  • Manager, Head Trainer, Programmer, CrossFit Kids Coach, Personal Training Specialist
  • Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Played Division I soccer for University of Illinois. Made the NCAA Tournament all 4 years and went as far as the Sweet 16 in post-season play.
  • Holds an ACE personal trainer certification.
  • Holds a Level I CrossFit Course Certification.
  • Holds a CrossFit Kids Course Certification.
  • Originally from Crystal Lake, IL and currently resides in Collinsville, IL.

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Why Coach
  • I get to still be in an athletic environment and have a competitive outlet as both a coach and an athlete.
  • I get to create and re-work programs for different needs which has always been something that I loved to do.
  • I am impacted by a unique set of athletes that we attract here at CFC, some of the best people I've ever met.
  • Of course, I get to wear sweats all day everyday
  • I get to watch people start from the very beginning of their journey and see the progress they make not only every day but over months and years.
  • I am constantly learning something new and always being challenged every single day.
Words I live by:
"Many of the words and mentality that I live by come from my college soccer coach and the experience I had there. I truly believe I had a very unique college experience with the team that I was on and the true dedication and passion they had for the game as the driving force behind the effort we put in day after day. When you get a group of people with a common mentality, that the name you wear the front of your shirt is more important then the name on the back will ever be, truly amazing things are possible. I had an epiphany my sophomore year in finding out that there is more your body can give then you really think there is. You may feel absolutely exhausted and if you tried to lift a foot you'd pass out and die. I had this exact same feeling after a fitness test my sophomore year. Then immediately after, you push a little harder, and a little harder, and suddenly you've reached that point where you just don't feel anything and you could go forever. I've learned to push past that wall and that my body will give as much as I allow it to. I try to bring that to my training every single day. Of course I'm tired, of course I'm sore, and if I try to lift this barbell over my head I think I'll collapse, but when my mind gets that way, I just push harder. I wish I could help every athlete break out of that comfort zone and push yourself more then you ever thought you could. There are little things that stick with me as well. Such as ?early is on time and on time is late. That one definitely prepared me for life 😉 My favorite one however is about trying to ?raise the bar and narrow the gap. If you take this on a personal level for CrossFit, you're trying to raise the bar on your best movements. So there are things I'm very good at and I'm trying to make them better every single day. However, I'm really only as good as my worst movement. So narrow the gap comes from trying to bring my worst movement up to as good as my best movement. CrossFit has become my passion and my life and I hope to impact others the way I have been. I live to compete and this is the greatest outlet for that. Bring on the challenge!"
- Laura Knutson


Chris Thomas12963779_1128133667238172_719096795034291599_n

  • Manager, Mobility Specialist, Running Mechanics/Explosive Speed Specialist, Coach, Personal Training Specialist
  • Holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology which he earned @ SIUE.
  • While working towards his Master's Degree @ SIUE, Chris worked hand in hand with SIUE's Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Meade Smith.
  • During his time under Meade Smith he assisted in training SIUE's Division I Athletes for all sports.
  • Holds a Level 1 CrossFit Course Certification.
  • Is originally from Centralia, IL and currently resides in Edwardsville, IL.

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Why I love what I do:

  • I get to help young athletes Adults through CrossFit Collinsville reach their athletic and fitness potential. I find great pride in being able to have an impact on people's lives by being a great coach and role model.
  • I work in such a positive environment that is very motivating for me as a Coach & as a CrossFit Athlete.
  • How many people get to wear athletic apparel to work everyday!
Words I live by:

"Before I started CrossFit I was a little hesitant like a lot of people are at first. I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to try. I was interested but was so used to doing my own routine and wasn't sure if I wanted to change. But change is exactly what I needed! The first couple of times I did CrossFit I was hooked. I had never been through workouts like this where I got more work done in 10 minutes than I did in 45 on my old routine. I was also a former college athlete who loved to compete and once I stopped playing I had to find that in something else and I found it in CrossFit. Don?t be afraid to try something new, you might like it!"

- Chris Thomas