We are conveniently located inside The ANNEX Training Facility off of Collinsville Rd.  across from Rural King and Shop save next to the Collinsville Sports Complex.  With easy access from HWY 255, 70, 55, & 64. Now that you know you can easily access us let us tell you WHY we determined that CrossFit was right for our expanding ATHLETE TRAINING CENTER.

#1 - we believe in the ATHLETE LIFE. Regardless if you consider yourself an athlete or not - we believe that every individual on this earth has the athlete gene inside of them - that competitive fire that motivates you to do better. If we can awaken that gene then it will translate into other parts of your life giving you a sense of community, pride, and ability like never before to attack life's obstacles head on! CrossFit is all about awakening that competitive fire.

#2 - THE COMMUNITY - look around you - anything that is GOOD in this world has a strong sense of community and CrossFit is no different. From the first time we drank the kool aid all the way up to our Grand Opening the CrossFit Community has been a big motivator for us to get our doors open and help spread the word. Where else do you see the last person to finish receive the loudest cheers? In CrossFit - that is the norm.

#3 - HEALTH/WELLNESS - our society's health is slipping away. We take more medicine now than ever before - we have electronics and buttons to do most everything in our day to day lives. Even though we may be LIVING LONGER - we are not necessarily LIVING BETTER. ?Sure we want to live a long time - that is most people's goal - but would you want to live if you knew that your daily activities would consist of waiting on a nurse to come perform the most basic human needs?

Personally that's a button we don't want to have to hit!  "Nurse could you take me to the bathroom?" "Hey nurse - is today shower day?"

Is that living? We don't think so and CrossFit's most basic principles are Functional Movements - that is movements we use EVERYDAY! If you are motivated to stay away from the nursing home then CrossFit is what you need to be doing to be able to do those everyday (functional) movements for the rest of your life.

So we ask you - what will retirement look like for you? Just sitting around waiting on someone who can still move take care of your every need (even the yucky and embarrassing ones?) or will your retirement and elderly years be full of LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST?

We hope you choose option #2 and start by building your profile in our system and contacting us to learn how to get started down the path of LIFE LONG FITNESS TODAY!