What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that utilizes functional movements to improve your everyday life through varied and challenging workouts. It is a utilized to coach people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being in a fun and encouraging environment.

Who Can Do CrossFit?

CrossFit is for EVERYONE! It is for all ages and all ability levels. The workouts are universally scalable to challenge a different part of your functional strength or conditioning not specializing in a particular area. Those looking to better their health, better their fitness capacity and better their strength, CrossFit is it!

How to Start With Us

Getting started at CFC is 1 Step away! To join our CrossFit Members you must go through our Foundations course. This course is meant to give you the knowledge of proper body movement and mechanics, proper breathing technique and the right muscle activation patterns for different movements. It will also help you understand how we run our classes and make sure you are comfortable and safe in our environment. Click here for more details.

Mission Statement

We provide the highest level of personal and group coaching with a knowledgeable, certified staff. We believe in a positive environment and providing you with the tools and expertise to better yourself and your future. We believe the approach; the workouts and the work you put in will help you reach your individual goals. We strive to put you on a fitness track to help you succeed in life with long term, sustainable results.

Our Culture

Every box has their own environment, their own “niche”, their own “feel.” At CrossFit Collinsville we are a family friendly group that enjoy being around each other in an environment that will push each other in a motivational way and we want to see you succeed. We’re a group of teachers, military, business owners, students and much more. Some of us were once athletes, some of us get through our day to day looking forward to the workout and some of us are just starting our on this journey. We’re not about egos, we’re about enjoying our workout and the people around us. We hope you’ll stop in and give us a try!

Chris Thomas
Manager, CrossFit Collinsville


Stay Informed!

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